Keep your workforce comfortable and your building working at optimum energy efficiency with our tamper-proof controls.

Create a comfortable and consistence environment for the wellbeing of your staff in any size of office building using E-touch to zone your floor space. E-touch provides a simple and intuitive user interface allowing staff to make local adjustments to their office environment but with limits set by the system operator, ensuring performance and efficiencies are not compromised by inappropriate alterations.

An entire energy management approach: integrate other office services such as lighting, A/C units and fan coils, into your E-magine system giving complete control and feedback from a single point. E-magine’s demand based logic then ensures that primary energy sources such as boilers and chillers only run when needed and are never fighting each other.

Monitoring and alarm generation of other critical areas within the office such as server rooms where high temperatures may result in major system outages.

Use running data from the E-magine system and integrated metering or imported 3rd party meter data, along with metrics such as floor space and employee count to create useful analytics for reporting and comparison. Reception displays showing live performance data can be installed to further promote the energy efficiency initiatives being undertaken and provide a constant reminder to follow guidelines.

Essential benefits for your company

  • Complete visibility of your building’s energy consumption
  • Remote monitoring and control
  • Optimised environmental conditions for your staff
  • Tamper-proof controls to prevent staff overriding local temperature settings
  • Significant energy cost savings.

How can we help you today?

Try our Cost Calculator for an instant idea of how much we could save for your company, or if you would like a more detailed proposal, request a free energy survey for your business.