Communal and District Heating

Optimise the performance of communal and district heating energy centres and boiler houses. Make significant improvements to energy efficiency and operational efficiency in plant rooms.

The common situation within district heating schemes is that the primary goal of delivering heat to clients overrides the need for an efficient system. Using our knowledge of controlling such schemes, our strategy setup can be applied to our own E-magine installations as well as other existing control systems providing greater system efficiencies without impacting on client heat delivery.

Our implementation will effectively manage your heat networks to deliver all available heat from any installed CHP or other sources to the client network whilst keeping the usage of top up boilers to a minimum. Monitoring and keeping return temperatures and pump speeds at optimal levels ensures you’re always running at maximum efficiencies.

Monitoring of the scheme performance is key and by integrating meter information with running data, you always have this information at hand, either on periodic automatically delivered reports or via our live E-sense customer portal.

Live performance dashboards can also be viewed giving a simplified overview of the current status, and if you have a portfolio of sites, league tables based on metrics such as spend or efficiency can help focus attention where most needed.

Essential benefits for your company

  • Remote monitoring and control capability
  • Scalable for large and small sites
  • Reduce on-site engineer time
  • Improve energy efficiency and reduce running costs of heating schemes
  • Cut carbon emissions and improve local air quality

How can we help you today?

Try our Cost Calculator for an instant idea of how much we could save for your company, or if you would like a more detailed proposal, request a free energy survey for your business.