Identify simple solutions to optimise energy usage and make significant energy cost savings, whatever the size of your facility.

Warehousing can often be overlooked as a non critical environment for effective heating controls. The areas concerned can be vast and although lightly manned, it is critical for both efficiencies and stock protection to get the control of these areas right.

Our control strategies maintain consistent temperature and humidity (where required) in a highly efficient manner. This keeps costs to a minimum but ensures your expensive product stocks are kept safe and free from both overly cold conditions and issues caused by damp and high humidity.

Where reporting is required, historic data is always available should you need to provide confirmation of the quality of the environment during storage of critical goods. Alarms can be delivered to relevant people should any equipment failure occur or if environmental conditions go beyond tolerable levels.

Our E-sense user website enables you view live conditions at any time and from any location. Items of plant such as warm air heaters can be checked should a failure alarm have occurred and can often be reset remotely, reducing downtime and potential engineer visits.

Essential benefits for your company

  • Complete visibility of energy consumption across even the largest facilities
  • Central, remote control, accessible 24/7
  • Simple solutions to reduce energy wastage
  • Tamper-proof technology to maintain consistent environmental conditions
  • Significant energy cost savings

Featured Case Study

Acenta Steel Distribution Warehouse

A year on year gas saving in excess of 35%.

In December 2013 Essential Control installed a Building Energy Management system in at Acenta Steels distribution warehouse, the primary objective being to reduce energy consumption across numerous warm air, radiant and office heaters.

  • Risk managemenent - corrosion in humid environments
  • Humidity alarms through email and SMS
  • Significant energy savings and piece of mind

How can we help you today?

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