Centralised Energy Control

Centrally control energy consumption across your entire property portfolio

Take control of your energy usage. We offer a flexible and fully scalable solution, our open protocol technology means we can it integrates seamlessly with existing building equipment to centrally control energy consumption across your entire property portfolio.

Work with our experienced project engineers to understand your data and develop tailored energy management strategies that will achieve optimum energy performance at all times. By automatically adjusting conditions to according to when, how and by whom each building is used, our clients can then make quick positive progress in tracking both their consumption and costs as well as driving down their carbon footprint and freeing up site management time.

 “You can’t just surround a problem with data and expect that it will surrender, you need real insights.”

Because it is managed centrally, our control system cannot be tampered with locally, ensuring HVAC and energy centre equipment are always operating in harmony, that optimal comfort conditions persist for staff and customers, and that consistent and dependable environmental conditions can be achieved.

  • Centrally control energy usage across multiple sites
  • Achieve consistent and dependable environmental conditions, and optimise staff and customer comfort and wellbeing
  • Remove the risk of local tampering through central control
  • Participate in Demand-Side Management solutions

Featured Case Study

Red Rose Forest

Gas consumption and costs have also almost halved

The Red Rose Forest, Salford City Council and Essential Control worked together to implement a number of improvements to minimise the building’s energy consumption and consequently its environmental impact.

Essential Control installed a building energy management system in order to control heat from the building’s wall-mounted combi-boiler. By dividing the building into three heating zones and installing a small energy management system, the environment in each zone can now be controlled according to occupancy and temperature.

  • Reduced annual carbon emissions by 3.5 tonnes
  • £3,900 annual savings
  • Upgraded Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)
  • Creation of three independently controlled heating zones

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