Data Management Software

A fully pre-engineered, configurable solution with tamper-proof control strategies.

E-SENSE, our cloud-based software platform, allows you to view historic and live energy consumption and performance data from across your entire operation. Easy-to-use, it aggregates and analyses your data, and presents it via an interactive customer dashboard.

Fully customisable, you can import additional metrics such as footfall, sales and FTE to get a complete picture of energy performance, enabling better energy and operational decision-making.

As a web-based technology, E-SENSE gives you instant access to automated and bespoke reports, whenever and wherever you want. Automated data back-up and storage to the cloud provides secure and unlimited data hosting.

“In energy management, the most powerful resource isn’t electricity, gas, water or renewables. It’s data.”


Essential benefits for your company

  • Cloud-based software platform, accessible 24/7
  • Live schematic showing site performance and conditions
  • Fully customisable interactive dashboard
  • Secure and unlimited data hosting

How can we help you today?

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