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Factory and warehouse space heating inefficiency

12th February 2018

Key Issues

Factory and warehouse heating is a significant cost for businesses and most systems are both in-efficient and in most cases, in-effective. Common problems include:

  • Temperature sensors and thermostats poorly located;
  • Controls that are locally adjusted or over-ridden;
  • Uneven temperatures across the working environment;
  • Temperature ‘stratification’ – roof areas much warmer than the working area;
  • Heating systems operating outside operational hours;
  • Temperature set points much higher than required;
  • Heaters continue to operate when external doors are opened.

Typically, these systems use over 30% more energy than is needed, wasting energy, costs and increasing your carbon footprint. It’s not just the direct gas fired heaters such as Reznor or Combat that are in-efficient; offices are usually heated by ageing gas fired boilers poorly controlled wall mounted radiators and thermostats and basic domestic time-controllers. Replacing central plant with more energy efficient alternatives is both expensive, disruptive and a drain on internal resources, but there is a more cost-effective alternative!

The Solution

By carrying out a detailed ‘diagnostic’ survey of the areas to understand how the system is currently controlled in terms of both the technical and behavioural aspects, cost effective modifications to optimise control and operation can be defined, costed and benefits identified. Typical improvements will include:

  • Zoning areas to provide localised ‘activity based’ temperature set points;
  • Removing existing controllers and installing/re-locating temperature sensors;
  • Applying intelligent ‘seasonal’ control to existing de-stratification fans, or installing new;
  • Installing new, ‘tamper-proof’ intelligent BMS modules to optimise time and temperature control and overall system efficiency;
  • Installing micro-switches to disable heaters if the external doors are left open.

Why choose Essential Control

Essential control have over 20 years’ experience in optimising warehouse and factory space heating systems. Our ‘on-line’ EMAGINE  Building Management System (BMS) is flexible, self-learning and tamper-proof. We are customer centric and have both the products and people to ensure long-term energy and cost savings, carbon emission reductions and improvements to the working environment. Our services include:

  • Free heating system diagnostic survey;
  • Business case and quote for system upgrade (CapEx or Monthly revenue cost);
  • State of the art, proven technology, including LoRAWAN WI-FI components;
  • Guaranteed savings using your fiscal meter data to measure and verify performance;
  • On-line access to real-time system schematics and energy/carbon performance dash-boards;
  • Communications strategy to ‘engage’ the people impacted by the changes;
  • 24 Hour Help-desk, bureau service and bespoke reporting;
  • On-going commitment to maintain and upgrade system components and operation.

For more information and to request a free diagnostic survey, please contact us here.

How can we help you today?

Try our Cost Calculator for an instant idea of how much we could save for your company, or if you would like a more detailed proposal, request a free energy survey for your business.