Remote Monitoring and Control

Vauxhall Energy Management Case Study

22nd March 2018

In 2008, Essential Control took over the management of Vauxhall’s meter monitoring system and installed the SeaChange data logging system, this provided a graphical interface through our virtual energy management website that reported back information daily. In 2017, VML upgraded to our E-MAGINE system. The new system retrieves information as regularly as every five minutes and provides reports and analysis that are used to monitor the ongoing energy use of the system which targets areas where further energy savings can be made.

“The E-SENSE Website provides us with a wider overview and understanding of how we use our energy, we are able to identify patterns that allow us to have more control over our energy usage, it provides us with the relevant information that we need to make positive changes in how we reduce our energy consumption and carbon footprint”

– Andrew Murphy, Site Engineer


The new equipment was installed in nineteen outstations located around the Ellesmere Port site. Vauxhall provided us with a visual idea of what information was required to be presented via the site’s dashboard. We were able to;

  • Show energy level targets that indicated red once they had been met
  • Establish and rectify any specific causing factors of over usage
  • Establish the exact amount of kilo power consumed for each shift
  • Show the unit location of where it was consumed
Vauxhall’s Site Dashboard

Weekly automated reports are generated from our E- SENSE website to show information from the previous week. Reports are automatically sent out to business unit managers who are able to easily analyse the actual performance against pre-determined targets and are able to see clearly where meter consumption is too high allowing for discussions on areas to review for improvement. The VEM website;

  • Enables the transfer and access of existing or historical data
  • Provides information of their energy usage
  • Allows more control by identifying any patterns of excessive usage of energy
  • Anticipates any future high usage occurrences.

E-SENSE Virtual Energy Management

Vauxhall are allocated a dedicated contract manager and are able to contact Essential Control’s helpdesk, as part of the service package our engineers will provide technical support if any assistance is required with the system.

EC are currently developing interactive AM&T tools and are about to release mobile applications that allow engineers and customers to monitor and control systems straight from their phones.

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