Remote Monitoring and Control


29th June 2018

With the shift in technology, everyone expects online systems to work on both mobile and tablet devices as well as desktop and laptop computers which is why our in-house web development team have been working on the HTML5 website making it possible for our engineers and customers to monitor and control systems straight from their phones, from anywhere.

E-Sense is our front-end user interface of our E-MAGINE system that acts as an energy management tool which consists of a range of applications called E-APPS which are specifically designed to measure, control and analyse energy consumption across single or multiple properties. Look at the following E-APP applications which provide mobile and tablet friendly functionality.



Zone Control

When a site is selected, it then displays a list of Zones and/or Domestic Hot Water (DHW). The following functionality is provided for each Zone/DHW;


  • View and change temperature setpoints
  • View and set weekly heating schedules and exceptions
  • Manual override of the heating system

Schematic Lite

Displays graphical schematics of the site. Labels and customised names will be displayed automatically without the need for additional engineering time. The following schematics are displayed showing real time sensors and flow values;


  • Boilers & shunts
  • VT & CT circuits
  • Plant status monitoring & alarms

Site Status

This is intended to provide a personal service desk to customers with multiple sites and an overview of their portfolio enabling them to quickly highlight sites that require attention.


  • Listed in order of severity level, those requiring most urgent at the top of the list
  • Constantly updates in real time
  • Shows a list of sites with their online/offline status and if applicable the number of alarms associated to it.

Group Control

Provides a tool for grouping and adjusting heating and hot water schedules/setpoints making it easy to push out common settings, which could be to multiple areas in the same building or across a large portfolio of sites.

In a single operation, you could setup the entire year’s holiday dates for your managed sites or simply resend the recommended occupancy setpoint to ensure all sites are set at the level you want.

A status page provides feedback as these changes are being made giving peace of mind that all requested sites have received them.

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