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JCB Compact Products Case Study

31st July 2018

SeaChange to E-MAGINE Upgrade

Mike Thompson one of our experienced Projects Engineers looks back at one of many successful upgrade strategies that Essential Control have implemented.


JCB Compact products have been a customer of Essential Control Ltd since 2002 on the monthly rental model where 40% savings were achieved and proved in the first 3 years. The heating of the production areas consists of 65 gas fired radiant tube style heaters split over 11 zones. Ventilation provided via extract fans and roof vents operated for cooling and extraction of welding fumes.

The opportunity arose to upgrade the Seachange controls to Emagine controls and the upgrade took place at the end of 2016.


The Upgrade

The upgrade to their controls was carried out in under a week and despite taking place during the peak heating season, was carried out with minimal disruption and heating down time, this was aided by the fact the Emagine controls could utilise the existing network and sensor cabling. The site has a centralised heating and ventilation control panel, adjacent to which we mounted an additional enclosure with the new controls in ensuring that we left adequate room for future expansion. Additional controls were added for the customer to switch compressors and production pumps on and off via a time base accessible on the graphics page, this meant that there was no risk of forgetting to turn these off and needlessly running out of hours.


The Benefits

Upgrading the controls to Emagine has brought connectivity to the site from anywhere with an internet connection. Previously JCB could only connect through a local PC. The old analogue phoneline required for remote support and reporting features for Seachange is no longer required resulting in an additional cost saving.

As the new Emagine controllers can be remotely updated and engineered, universal inputs and outputs can be programmed for the customer from the Essential Control Remote Support Centre. Additional meter points have been added allowing the customer to wire themselves without the need for an Essential Control engineer having to attend site.

Holidays and planned shutdown can now be scheduled into the system years in advanced if required and exceptions to the time schedules can be easily added.

The customer was most impressed with the animated graphics pages, and the ease of use.

Changes to the graphics are easily carried out and once complete, can be seen by all users without relying on updated local PC files.



Now that the system is fully upgraded, JCB can look forward to using a modern system capable of maintaining and building upon the savings achieved since the first Seachange controllers were installed. They also have a system capable of utilising our powerful new E-Apps that give mobile connectivity for staff via a smartphone or tablet.


Mike Thompson
Project Engineer

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