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Remotely monitor and regulate the temperature of each room centrally with our bespoke solutions.

Our E-MAGINE building energy management system allows for perfect comfort control across all of your hotels, ensuring the safety and comfort of all of your guests.

The bespoke dashboard is accessed remotely via cloud control, providing complete visibility of the HVAC and lighting applications across all of your properties. Import additional metrics such as occupancy rates to get a complete picture of energy performance, enabling better energy and operational decisions.

Predictive maintenance enables early identification of potential cooling and heating equipment faults, allowing you to apply solutions before they affect environmental conditions for your guests.

Able to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, our bespoke solution allows you to regulate the temperature of each room centrally, or to empower guests to select their desired room temperature in advance through an online booking system – unoccupied rooms remain in a low-energy state, helping to achieve real energy and cost savings.

Use your smaller carbon footprint and improved energy consumption to enhance brand reputation.

Essential benefits for your company

  • Complete visibility of energy consumption across the network
  • Scalable for large and small sites
  • Scalable for large and small sites
  • Improve energy efficiency and reduce running costs of heating schemes
  • Cut carbon emissions and improve local air quality

Featured Case Study

Macdonald Hotels

Bespoke energy saving solution

The hotel board approached Essential Control as part of their “Room 15” energy efficiency programme to make their facilities as energy efficient as possible; reduce costs across the whole Macdonald Hotel portfolio as well as improve their carbon footprint.

  • Minimum 11.5% saving per annum on the space heating fuel
  • 10 year finance scheme
  • Remote analysis and management of hotel's energy usage
  • Temperature controlled for individual occupancy times
  • Lower carbon dioxide emissions and lifetime costs

How can we help you today?

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